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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Roman Catholic Vocations on "The Cafeteria is Closed"

Thank you Gerald for posting the picture and the link on your blog - I truly appreciate it. May God continue to bless you in all you do!

To everyone visiting for the first time - I pray this site may be a source of information for anyone discerning their vocation, especially those discerning vocations to the priesthood and religous life. It is also dedicated to Church vocations and will therefore have many postings about priestly and religious life. The site is new, so there is much to add - please come back as it will be updated daily. Please email the link to this site to anyone you know that might be discerning and might find it helpful.


asv said...

Congratulations on your blog!
Excellent work.

Here is a link to a beautiful community of sisters and vocational info about them...


fisherofmen said...

You have a great blogsite.

I have begun one for the Diocese of Eastern Montana. Our diocese is as large as Ireland (which has some 40 bishops and maybe 5,000 priests). We have one bishop and fewer than 40 priests (many of whom are beyond retirement age). So we desperately need vocations to the priesthood. Some of our priests drive 300 miles or more on a weekend covering their parishes...in places such as Roundup, Two Dot, Fort Benton, Fort Shaw, etc. So if young (or not so young) men want to return to the days of old, eastern Montana is the place.

Our website can be found at:

May God bless your work.