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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Clergy and Religious Numbers from the Vatican

The number of bishops in the world increased by 57, to 4,841 on all continents. Increase in America (+31), and Asia, (+11) and Europe (+15) while in Africa and Oceania the situation remains the same as the previous year. Diocesan bishops are (3,650) (34 more than the previous year); Religious Bishops are 1,191 (increase of 23 ). The increase in diocesan bishops is registered on every continent: America (+18), Asia (+7), Europe (+11); with a slight decrease in Africa (- 1) and Oceania (- 1). The number of religious Bishops has increased slightly on every continent, especially America (+ 13) followed by Asia and Europe (+4); and Oceania (+ 1).

Priests and Permanent Deacons
The total number of priests in the world increased by 520, to 406,411. Increase registered in Africa (+1,111) and Asia (+1.831), but decreases on the other continents: America (-639); Europe (-1,699) and Oceania (-84). Diocesan priests increased by 929 , with an increase in Africa (+806), America (+370), Asia (+833) and a decrease in Europe (-1.002) and Oceania (-78) as in the previous year. Religious priests decreased by 409 to a total 136,649. Increases are registered as in the previous year in Asia (+998) and Africa (+305), where as a decrease is noted in America (-1009), Europe (-697) and Oceania (-6). Permanent deacons increased by 1,067 to 33,391, the highest increase is again this year in America (+655) and in Europe (+398), followed by Oceania (+15) and Africa (+6). A decrease is registered only in Asia (-7). Diocesan Permanent deacons 32,837, with increases on all continents (total increase 1,028 ). Religious permanent deacons total 554 , plus 39 compared with the previous year with increases in America (+6); Europe (+42); Oceania (+2) and a decrease in Africa (-1) and Asia (-10).

Men and Women Religious
The number of Brothers decreased by 322 to 54,708. Situation: increase in Africa (+157) and Asia (+138); and a decrease in America (-130); Europe (-368) and Oceania (- 119). An overall decrease in the number of women religious (­6,930) now 760,529 was registered by continent as follows: increase in Asia (+2,736) and Africa (+1,306) decrease in Europe (-6,903), America (­3,902) and Oceania (­167).

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