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Thursday, April 24, 2008

NEW - New Feature on the Blog

OK, so the new feature that I added at the bottom of the sidebar ended up making this blog load slower and that just wasn't going to work in the long run.

I have now added the sidebar feature (link to the right) ROMAN CATHOLIC VOCATIONS BOOKSTORE, which will take you to a post in which I have links to books and DVD's for sale at Amazon.com. Obviously it is not a real bookstore, but what else was I going to call it?

It is by no means an exhaustive list of books and DVD's related to vocations in the Roman Catholic Church. I will continue to update as new titles come up or recommendations are made. Recommendations for books and DVD's that are not already listed would be welcomed via the combox or email.

For the sake of full disclosure, in order to get the easy links, I had to become an Amazon Associate, which means I will get a small precentage of whatever is ordered via these links. This was definitely not my intention in building the post. It was a genuine effort on my part to post links to books and videos which may be of help to those who are discerning, working with, or are simply interested in vocations. Be assured that this endeavor will not make me rich in this lifetime. But I won't complain about it either, because it may allow me to get a new book related to vocations from time to time! Thank you in advance to anyone who purchases a book through the "bookstore".

Memento Mori - How about the antique sculpture I got from France of St. Francis? What is nice about it is that it the classic pre-Vatican II image of St. Francis. Instead of birds, squirrels, deer, and all other sorts of nauseatingly "cute" animals hanging all over the Seraphic Father, he clutches a cross to his chest gazing heavenward, while at his feet rests a stack of books with a skull on top of it. This was the most classic image of St. Francis before they turned him into a hippy freak - don't believe the hype, he was anything but that. Any guesses on why the skull on the books?

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