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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poor Clares - Galway, Ireland


Candice said...

Thank you for that look into the Sisters' hidden life. God Bless them all, and God Bless you, too, for making it possible for us to have a glimpse.


Sister in Ireland said...

As Nuns, we would never allow cameras into the Enclosure any more that people would be allowed; the Rule is only a doctor, a priest, or a workman. Hidden is no longer hidden; if the cameras are there the world is in. Nor would truly enclosed Nuns ever talk about their past, for when we eneter, we leave the past behind. We understand the theory that this kind of revealing publicity will attract vocations, but that has been proven false. We have no web presence, yet we have so many novices; because women seek authenticity. And allowing this kind of invasion is not authentic. Blessings

Mary said...

In response to the Sister in Ireland, I am discerning a vocation and I want a traditional and authentic order - full habit, etc. and - most importantly! - an order that does NOT allow the nuns to get on the internet, surf sites and post on threads and forums like this, catholic or not, vocational or not. THIS is not authentic order. The internet is just a new way to break enclosure and letting the world in. So while you are sounding a little superior about your community, I would think again. Nuns on the internet are being untraditional and not authentic. Thank God there ARE orders who realize this and DO NOT allow their sisters to be on the internet. Nuns on the internet is the WORSE form of invasion.