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Monday, October 27, 2008

Yes, I'm still blogging.

Despite the way it may seem, I am still blogging. Unfortunately it seems that there have not been as many good articles and stories about vocations of late. I spend a fair amount of time every day scanning the internet for posts related to vocations, in order to bring them to you on this one blog. There have been scant few articles of late. Be assured, I will post them as often as I find them.


Clare said...

I wish you would list the website for the Poor Clares in Santa Barbara, CA. They are a beautiful traditional community in need of vocations. Their website is: www.poorclaressantabarbara.org

A Simple Sinner said...

I met Sister Rosalind Moss this weekend at a convention. She has permission to begin a new order, and has gotten 300+ inquiries from around the US.

While this is all very preliminary, and enthusiasm can be hard to sift through... I would welcome more information about her efforts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brad for your wonderful blog, I look forward to reading it daily. And have passed it along to several friends and my community. Keep up the good work. God Bless!
Br. Robert-Anthony FSD

Jean said...

I think you're doing a GREAT job finding vocation-related material! I especially love the pictures and, of those, my favorites are of battlefield masses, like the one today. It reminds me to pray for all the folks fighting and for all our priests as well.