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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Hopeful that vocations will start to recover"


THE Armagh archdiocese launched the 2009 vocations campaign with a new poster and a redesigned website.

The diocese currently has seven men studying for the priesthood and Rev Francis Coll from Armagh will be ordained a priest later this year, the first in the diocese since 2005.

Speaking at the launch of the 2009 campaign, the diocesan vocations director, Fr Paddy Rushe, from Redeemer Parish, said that he was hopeful that vocations to priesthood had started to recover.

He is currently working with half a dozen prospective candidates for next September, with new contacts made every few weeks.

The current financial climate is suggested as a reason why more men might be considering vocation, but Fr Paddy points out that priesthood still involves significant personal sacrifices and is not for everyone.

Among those considering priesthood now, may be men in their mid-thirties who, for one reason or another, have been working at other careers for several years, but for whom the idea of being a priest has always been at the back of their minds.

Having had the experience of life the

in world of business, construction, or management, they are ready to give priesthood a shot – and the best news, Fr Paddy says, is that they bring with them a wide variety of experience and interactions which can only help them be better priests in the future.

This year, the students in the seminary, at Maynooth are holding the first ever open day to coincide with Vocations Sunday.

Anyone who has ever thought about the priesthood or wondered what the seminary way of life would be like, are welcome to just turn up next Sunday in Maynooth – there is no need to book in advance.

The day begins at 2.30pm, and will include talks and a tour as well as Mass and evening meal.

For more information on vocations to the priesthood in the Archdiocese of Armagh, contact Fr Paddy Rushe, Diocesan Vocations Director Holy Redeemer Parochial House, Ard Easmuinn, Dundalk at 0429334259; email vocation@eircom.net or on the web at www.armaghvocations.org or www.vocations.ie.

1 comment:

Jairus said...

These days, people think of priesthood as a waste of talents. I am so saddened by this. The world cannot really understand.

What must be causing the lack of vocations? Our country experiences the same thing. In one of the dioceses here, I read in a local newspaper, only 2 will pursue priesthood out of the hundreds who applied. A bishop said, it's better to have 1 good priest than to have a hundred of bad priests.

Do you think religous education must be given importance? I don't know if this will work out in the United States but in our country, religion is given importance by all, i mean, 85% of people. but now I am not sure too if that will work in our country. our country is slowly modernizing, slowly corrupted by Satan. Hay. We need prayers.