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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Diocese of Raleigh Unveils Year for Priests Vocations Poster

"What made the Curé of Ars holy was his humble faithfulness to the mission to which God had called him; it was his constant abandonment, full of trust, to the hands of divine Providence. It was not by virtue of his own human gifts that he succeeded in moving peoples’ hearts nor even by relying on a praiseworthy commitment of his will; he won over even the most refractory souls by communicating to them what he himself lived deeply, namely, his friendship with Christ. He was “in love” with Christ and the true secret of his pastoral success was the fervor of his love for the Eucharistic Mystery, celebrated and lived, which became love for Christ’s flock, for Christians and for all who were seeking God." Pope Benedict XVI

Special thanks to John D'Amelio and the folks at Fabrik Agency for the design and Cameron Smith for his beautiful painting of St. John Vianney.


Roman Catholic Vocations said...

For what it is worth the poster looks far better in person than what is posted here.

Father Schnippel said...

looks good from here!

Congrats, a nice poster

Rachel Gray said...

Hey, I know the bald seminarian in that poster! It's Philip Gerard Johnson, who has a blog here.