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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Br. Gregory Plow, TOR, Solemn Vows

By all accounts it was a beautiful Mass, and true to form, Br. Gregory said his quite long solemn vows, which he had committed to memory, on his knees looking up at the cross - loud enough for everyone in the Church to hear clearly. I'm sorry I missed it. I understand that more pictures will be coming my way, but why wait, I'll post what I've received so far.

Br. John on the left, Br. Gregory on the right (both pictures).

Thank you brothers for your YES! to God's call. May He continue to bless you all your days.

1 comment:

Br. Gregory said...

Dear Brad: God bless you for promoting this most solemn and grace-filled event. I will get you more and better pictures soon once I receive them from the professional photographer. Please correct that it is Br. John; not Br. Jonathon. Also, Please pray for me & Br. John this Saturday, August 11 (Feast of St. Clare of Assisi) for our diaconate ordination!
God bless you!
-Br. Gregory, TOR