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Friday, August 17, 2007

Deo Gratias

A big thank you to all of you that offered up prayers for our daughter - we have a diagnosis! After 8 weeks it turns out that she has severe lactose intolerance. Unfortunately one of the gastroenterologists who did the biopsies of her digestive tract four weeks ago, that led to this diagnosis, failed to let anyone else know that her lactaise enzyme numbers were low - a key indicator for lactose intolerance. Thanks be to God that one of the residents noticed it in her charts, after she was admitted on Tuesday, and called for the Hydrogen test today which confirmed her diagnosis. Let's just say that I'm not pleased my daughter suffered for four extra weeks because one doctor decided the findings were inconclusive! I'm glad it wasn't a life threatening disease!

A special thank you to all my priest friends that offered Masses for Liliane - thanks for using the nuclear option of prayer! There were several potential diagnosis that would have been devastating - we feel blessed that everyone's prayers were heard and answered, and that by comparison lactose intolerance is a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Glad your daughters feeling better...

Brad Watkins said...

Thank you for thinking of her! She is doing so much better now and is joyfully back to school.

I'll be remembering you with a prayer of thanksgiving for your kindness.