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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It was a great weekend. (Two weekends ago)

Well, I started writing this post a week ago, but a busy schedule has kept me from finishing it. So here it is, long overdue.

Many years ago, after a college seperation from the Church, I found myself in a aprticularly low place. Thankfully God reached into the abyss and brought me back amongst the living. Only one problem: As I turned to those around me to talk about my "conversion", I realized that I didn't really have any close Catholic friends, save one. For that matter many of the people in my life at the time were openly hostile to the Catholic Church and faith in general. As Leon Russell would write and sing, I was like a "Stranger in a Strange Land."

Prayers for solid Catholic fellowship would soon be answered, and Greg Plow would be one of those answers.

Fast forward eight years.

Last weekend was one of great joy as I watched my very good friend, now Fr. Gregory Plow, T.O.R. get ordained to the Priesthood. Fr. Gregory is the first priest I have known from the time of his discernment, all the way through formation, to his Ordination. Over the years I have been to many ordinations, but none of them have had the impact of this one.

It's an incredible thing to watch and pray at a Mass as a man steps forward and is substantially changed into a new person - a priest of Jesus Christ. In much the same way that we often take for granted the awe inspiring reality of transubstantiation, so too I think we frequently lack the profound sense of awe that should be had during an ordination.
I could go on at length, but I will end this post by stating how incredibly proud I am of Fr Gregory. Certainly not because of anything I have done, but because of everything he has done - or rather, because of everything he has allowed Almighty God to do through him and with him. Fr. Gregory's openess to the workings of the Holy Spirit is inspiring and his witness of faith is a gift for everyone that knows him.

May God continue to bless him all the days of his life, and Mary, Mother of the Clergy, keep him in her prayers constantly. It really is a wonder to contemplate all the incredible things our Lord will do in this world, for the souls of His people, through this humble man of God.


A Simple Sinner said...

Now those are some classy vestments - dignified, well made, worn right.

Sorry, I know that is not the main point of the post or the photo, but I realize I belly-ache about ugly vesstments all the time, so I have vowed to make more comments about the great sets we are seeing more and more of these days, to be a more positive person.

Brad Watkins said...

I couldn't agree more. Fr. Gregory is tall priest and with those vestments on he had quite a presence at his first Mass. Which reminds me that I need to ad to the post about his first Mass - it was incredible. Beautiful, reverent, nothing added, nothing taken away, common prayers in Latin and beautiful music. It was a joy to attend.