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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Nuns on World Youth Day recruiting drive"

From the HeraldSun / Australia

An order of New York City nuns hopes to recruit young Catholic pilgrims to the priesthood and sisterhood during World Youth Day (WYD).

The Sisters of Life order, which has convents in the Bronx and Manhattan, is expecting 20,000 WYD pilgrims to visit the "Life and Love" site near the University of Notre Dame campus in inner Sydney during the six-day event.

The sisters will hold seminars and present an expo on life vocations with talks on love and parenting.

Pilgrims considering entering a seminary or convent, or those curious about marriage, can visit the site at Chippendale tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

"Many of the sisters discovered their vocations at World Youth Days when they were literally immersed in a microcosm of faith and support," Sister Mary Gabriel said.

She said WYD was an opportunity for pilgrims to hear the calling of a religious vocation.

"I do anticipate that many, many young people will discover their vocation, whether that's to marriage and family, to religious life, to enter the priesthood, across the board.

"I do believe that this event will open the door for many people to recognise their path to definitive love."

1 comment:

Jean said...

Interesting about WYD being the source of many vocations. Maybe we can spare a prayer for all those attending and ministering at the WYD right now in Sydney. "The field is ripe for the harvest."