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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Diocese of Raleigh Discernment Group Starts a New Year

Today marked the beginning of the new year for the Diocese of Raleigh Discernment Group, and the first meeting under the guidance of our new Director of Vocations Fr. Ned Shlesinger. What a blessing it was to have 12 men at the meeting as well as newly ordained Fr. Tony DeCandia.

We began the day with the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar in the Cathedral at 9:00AM. After Mass, we moved two doors down to the new Office of Vocations for coffee and pastries. We began the meeting with morning prayer followed by introductions. Fr. Shlesinger then led us into a really good discussion about discernment.

The great blessing of the morning was the surprise visit of our local successor to the Apostles, Bishop Burbidge! Seriously, how great is it that our Bishop takes the time to stop by, join the discussion, and lead us in daytime prayer? It is my sincere daily prayer of thanksgiving for the gift that he is to the Diocese of Raleigh. Having been the rector at St. Charles Borromeo, His Excellency was able to communicate some wonderful advice about the discernment process!

Please join me in praying for all those discerning God's call to a life of holiness through a vocation to the priesthood and religious life.


Ryan said...

I second the motion -- what a great blessing Our Lord has poured out on the Diocese of Raleigh! May His Excellency attract many more young men to the seminary and onward to the Altar of God.

Brian said...

Hello Brad,
I enjoyed the discernment group very much. You and Father Shlesinger are doing a wonderful job. I can't agree with you more on how exciting it was to have Bishop Burbidge present at the meeting. God has truly blessed our Diocese and I look forward to many years of positive growth and getting to know you, Father Shlesinger, the men in our group and God willing, the oportunity to serve our Holy Bishop, our Holy Roman Catholic Church and God.
God Bless You
Brian K. Wright